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In India Rs.82,000 crs

Unclaimed wealth is there

Are you sure that you

shall not contribute to it ?

We Support your

Family in your Absence

A PROMISE of getting your


PEACE OF MIND is the key Solution

for the Earning Member as well as family


Emotions Captured


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See what is the concept? (Hindi)

See what is the concept? (English)

How do we serve family after death of the earning member

Proud to be a digilocker Partner
Proud to be Recognized Start-up by Government of India

Our Offering

Even the best of plans can be jeopardized due to unforeseen events. What if there is ‘Sudden Death’ of the earning member of a family?

Our sole objective is that no spouse & children should deprived of their rightful inheritance in the eventuality where the earning member is no more.

Get more organized now

Scan in easy way either single or multiple documents

Never lose your originals now

Facility to mention to whom or where the originals are lying

Have full control on your investments & policies

More than that during life you can share access rights to your family member

Record a video to convey your EMOTIONS to family when you are not around

More than that you can upload sorry messages too

Security First is Security Always

Bank Level Security where all the data and documents are encrypted while in motion and rest at our servers

About Us

We are an energetic bunch of technology geeks and finance experts, passionate about providing the best platform to help you and your family in attaining financial peace. In a nutshell we help you to “Protect Your Hard Earned Wealth”.

In India over Rs. 82,000 crores are lying unclaimed in public and private financial institutions (Source - The Economic Times July 6, 2021 Edition). Imagine the number of dependents who are unable to claim their rightful inheritance.

The concept emerged after decades of serving Indian families while advising them for investments. What did we observe that an earning member (i.e. investor) of the family runs around, in his lifetime to earn for the family and builds assets for them. But irony is that, family members are many times even not aware of what s/he has been building / investing in. Result – When the earning member is no more then families face a lot financial issues and sometimes they unable to manage day to day expenses too.

Life has become uncertain and we have been seeing lots of deaths in young age also due to poor life style, accidents and pollutions. In India:


33 seconds

there is a death due to heart attack


45 seconds

there is one death due to cancer


04 Minutes

there is a death due to road accident

How Does It Work


  • Download "My Wealth Protector Mobile app

  • Create Account

  • Update profile Details


  • Now relax and let us take care of your investment details

Manage Deputy

  • Add Deputy

    (Verify Contact Details of Deputy)
  • Share folders to added Deputy

Deputy Login

  • Login and View Investment by Verified Deputy

Investment Details

  • Add up to 18 types of investments

  • Upload Investment file if any

  • Select visibility to verified Deputy


  • We regularly remind via SMS & Email to Member and added Deputy regardings status of account at My Wealth Protector.


In case of some accident of registered user, the deputy can share the Health Insurance policy details with required authorities as our service provides the facility where the user can share documents viewing rights with Deputy who is nothing but a family member only

Beyond Investments

Our mobile app is structured in such a way that now user, no need to worry about accessing any document be it personal document like PAN CARD, Adhaar card etc of self or family or any other document which are important to live smooth life like Bills & Warranty cards or even accessing HEALTH RECORDS of self or family member.

In a nutshell our service which helps an earning member in proactively updating the family about investments, insurances and other assets and a lot more


“My Wealth Protector”

What is the problem?
In the rat race we just forget to discuss important things with spouse or family members

Most Spouses

end up keeping their partner in the dark about the investments made. Thus a majority of Rs. 64,000 crores lie unclaimed in public and private financial institutions.

Only 15% of Women

reported having financial plan for unexpected events.Inability to deal with these events can be devastating for widows and their children.

Most Women

and children have been deprived of their rightful inheritamces due to improper financial planning and unclear wills.

Our Solutions


Dependents of deceased earning member to assist them in gaining ownership of all the financial assets left behind by deceased earning member

My Wealth Protector

is an Online Subscription Platform

Executed via

Mobile app and call center support

Its not only beyond life

We also help the earning member organize his/her financial documents and investments. Our secure e-locker helps him/her store and access these documents 24X7.

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Why You Should Use

Peace is the

Key Solution

My Wealth Protector is a unique

Service which helps an earning member in proactively updating the family about investments, insurances and other assets

After the death of

Earning members, My Wealth Protetor guides the widows in claiming all the investment and insurance.

Thus My Wealth Protector services

Give peace of mind to the earning member when alive and give financial peace to the widow and dependents.

Subscription Plans


My Life Organizer

Free plan

Beyond Life Peace

Paid plan

Digitize by Scanning and EDIT, single & multiple documents and upload

"Organized Folder Structure" for smooth upload and access anywhere anytime

Search Documents and Images by typing

Share files by email, whatsapp, FB or any app of your choice

Integration with Digilocker for easy movements of documents to and from Digilocker

Never Lose Originals Now: Ensure to Record location of Originals while uploading documents

Voice typing while storing documents

Two factor access (OTP) security

256 Bit SSL encryption while data travel from device to servers

High level encryption while storing data at servers

Refer friends and earn extra facilities

Assign Deputy (Nominee) - upto 2 Deputies

Viewing rights with Deputies or CA as per user choice - Folder Level

Upload wish list video, Audio and Text messages for your loved ones

Assigning a dedicated service manager for the Family of Deceased User

Printing of all information & documents and then segregating & giving them shape

Attaching customized processes of getting ownership claim for each financial asset and then putting them in specially colour coded envelops

Deputy can call an exclusively assigned counsellor on his mobile at call center for any help in getting ownership claim of financial assets

Handing over the kit to deputy which contains information, investments and assets with all the processes and claim forms for getting ownership of financial assets

Handing over wish list video, audio and letters to deputy

Paid Plan

RS 1,499

1 year

Buy Now

Rs 3,999

3 year

Buy Now

Rs 5,999

5 year

Buy Now

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